these days…

For me, the last couple of months have been a strange blessing, a teaching in letting go. The lockdown in San Antonio has been in small bows to Cover-19’s rising numbers, which now thankfully seem to be stagnant. On a clear sunny day, when the heat of the day is still soft and there is […]


I’ve been working hard this past year to not be so critical of my creative attempts. It has been difficult to let go of that voice that says rubbish, not good enough, or start over. Playing with craft, whatever medium it is, for just the sake of playing is not my strong suit. I like […]

sad but true

Recently my youngest sister posted yet another ode to the greatness of her father, and how much she missed him. He passed away of cancer, painfully and in my mind the painful part was rightfully so. I left home at 13 due to this man’s abuse. The abuse was physical, mental and sexual. Social workers […]


The schools have all started up again here. Its nearly the end of August and I don’t remember when we last had any rain. I cringe at the thought of my water bill, especially as now I have just put out new beans, tomatoes, herbs-including some catnip for my furry babies, and more peppers. This […]

slave labor

Slavery means being subject entirely to someone else’s authority as if property. The word has somewhat vanished but the definition is still valid. Terms like child marriage, forced prostitution, debt bondage, bonded labor and human trafficking exist instead. It exists wherever one human can convince another that he has no value of his own. Its […]

happy list

sunflowers, heavy and bright, uplifting dragonflies lovely iridescent glowing, being okay with just sitting awhile bubble bath time to just soak, think of nothing, or maybe page through a magazine full of glorious colors kittens nearly always way too cute when sleeping quilts both old and modern, my stash of threads and fabrics, creatively dreaming, […]


C​offee. Ahhh. First thing in the morning and life is never finer. Unless, you get a bad cup….you, coffee slurpers, sippers and mug collectors know what I mean. A bad cup of coffee sets the tone for the day, the burnt oily sludge can stick to your stomach for hours. My stodgy and dependable Breville decided to konk […]